G & J Seiberlich & Co LLP - NonprofitsToday, each sector of the not-for-profit community is faced with a myriad of challenging business issues: competition for funding sources, administrative cost containment, specialized reporting for financial statement display and disclosure requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as state and local regulatory authorities. Any or all of these challenges can create a turbulent working environment and the need for strong financial management expertise.  

Our strong commitment to the non-profit community is evidenced by our support and involvement in that sector. Our full service approach includes tax planning and compliance, assurance services and consulting on best practices. We understand the unique challenges nonprofits face, not only from over 60 years of experience, but firsthand knowledge from countless board memberships by our team. 

We believe we can play a meaningful role in helping your organization’s professional staff and board of directors to establish a solid financial and operational management base to effectively, efficiently and successfully meet the organization’s mission.